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Re: Theos-World Theosophical Adepts

Mar 09, 1999 03:19 AM
by Teos9

In a message dated 3/9/99 2:13:40 AM Eastern Standard Time,

<< Our movement has been in the wane for a
 full century now.  The best writing have long been written, the best work as
 far as getting the public eye was done by HPB last century.  I do indeed
 in many ways we are on autopilot. >>

For me this notion runs counter to the Theosophical principle of continual
evolution. What I see, whether we are TSA'ers, ULT'ers, Baileyites , etc., is
the tendency to perceive the power of our discoveries as complete and
unsurpassed. We then lock in to the exploration of our newfound joy, often to
the exclusion of a proper openness for new or incoming experiences. The
difficulty of being so sure that we have finally found the only or right or
best source, is that, we stay so focused on it, that we do not look up or
around and often miss the Master who is passing us by at the moment. 

My challenge has always been to stay poised so I could recognize a Mahatma
when he did show up. After all a "Great Soul" cannot be confined to a specific
time or place or message. A "Great Soul" must also be a child of cosmic
momentum, as are we all. 

Organizational theosophy's are changing, as well they should. Theosophical
Consciousness, and the vista's it leads to, remains ever the same. Infinity


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