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Theos-World The Millenium Project

Mar 07, 1999 01:30 PM
by Govert W. Schuller

March 7, 1999,

Dear friends,

With great pleasure and anticipation I like to present to you an
outline of, or thesis about, the last thousand years of western
history. This is the fruit of many years of reading, pondering
and occasional lectures. It's only the beginning of a systematic
research project, in which you can join as you like. You are most
welcome to give your feedback, ask questions and add material.

As an educational tool I would specifically like to hear from
parents about how this presentation can help you to make history
a fun subject for your children, and give them a sense of the
spiritual dimension of history.

The presentation consists of the following URL's:

Centennial Efforts and Counter-Efforts of the Millenium (An
esoteric interpretation of the last millenium of western history)

The Theosophical Society in Western History ('A Study in Cycles'
by John R. Wilkinson.  Published in The Theosophist Vol. , No.
June 30, 1930. With annotations)

Correlations between Spiritual Developments and Historical Events
(Based on lecture notes this document presents timelines,
diagrams and very short biographies in an effort to discover some
historical patterns in the last 1000 years of western history.)

The Centennial Efforts (Diagram of efforts from 1075 untill 1999)

The Counter-Efforts (Diagram of counter-points from 1075 untill

Bibliography (of the key works used so far in researching the

Yours sincerely

Govert Schüller

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