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Re: Mind and Memory

Oct 28, 1998 02:44 PM
by Jerry Schueler

    However to be "logical" what value is an illusion that seemingly has no say in its being or its future ?  What value is experience ?
    Life needs no "value" but of course we humans always want to give it some anyway.
    If you focus on the material side of things alone then you wipe out any concept of continuity, value to experience, choice or the future ?  As I read what the Buddha taught, he certainly did not teach that, but some of his interpreters have.
    There is little "continuity" anyway, my friend, and what there is, is pure maya.
    The continuity of any single human ego is rather like that of the continuity
    of one's physical body--not much. Yes, we have a small degree of choice
    for the future (and also for our past). But value is pure human and cultural
    bull that only exists in our minds and with about as much reality to it.
    Jerry S.

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