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Re: Re: Single vs Married life

Oct 27, 1998 02:22 PM
by Peter I Walstra

>I can sympathize with your situation.  Back in my
>salad days when I was a youth, I had an absolutely
>wretched marriage.  My wife had no interest in the
>esoteric and, in fact, she was downright hostile to it.

Thanks for sharing these personal thoughts here, Augoeides.
I'm not sure if I'm still in those "salad days" myself, but I'm
experiencing a situation where my girlfriend doesn't seem to
have any real interest, or understanding, in esoterics. For me,
theosophy has already formed an undeniable part of my life.
She recognizes that now, and wants to learn more about it
because of that. I wonder if this is the right kind of motivation,
even if love is the big factor here.

>Looking back on it now, I should have gotten an
>astrological comparison chart which would have
>given me warning signs.  But actually I had negative
>indicators about her already before the marriage
>but I went ahead and tied the knot anyway
>which means these experiences are all
>KARMIC.  There was a certain compulsion about
	it all...nothing based on reasoned thought.

This sounds very familiar... I hardly know why I'm doing
certain things for my girlfriend too sometimes. Certainly a lot
of friends are suprised to see me connect to such a "wordly"
girl! For a long time I was thinking our meeting was sheer
coincidence, being from different continents, knowing each
other only from e-mail at first. But then what is co-incidence
really? As mentioned above, reasoning didn't play any part,
only creating confusion. I feel I cannot give up on her: precisely
for those karmic reasons. Reasons that cannot be explained,
at least not by my humble self, but can make themselves be
felt somehow.

I love to read about theosophical concepts, but maybe trying
to work out in this kind of relationship requires one to really put
theosophy into practice? Hmm, it is hard enough just to *explain*
about theosophy ;-)


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