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Re: Re: Single vs Married life

Oct 27, 1998 07:04 AM
by augoeides

In a message dated 10/26/98 11:53:11 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

<< The point I don't understand is that after five years of marriage, not once
 has there been a good day.  I give all that I've got and am to my family only
 to be returned with nothing.  We have nothing in common, we hardly
 communicate (when we do it's only a monologue).

 I don't know much, but is this a result of previous karma and will it ever

Dear Alan:

I can sympathize with your situation.  Back in my
salad days when I was a youth, I had an absolutely
wretched marriage.  My wife had no interest in the
esoteric and, in fact, she was downright hostile to it.
Furthermore, due to deep rooted psychological
problems with her father in her childhood, she ended
up in a psychiatric hospital.  She was a schizophrenic
given to fits of rage.  She was in and out of'
institutions for years - eventually one of her
psychologists asked me why was I still married to
her?  I ended being up being separated for ten years
and eventually got a divorce.  This soul had an
awful incarnation but there was nothing else I
could do.  It still saddens me to think about it.

Looking back on it now, I should have gotten an
astrological comparison chart which would have
given me warning signs.  But actually I had negative
indicators about her already before the marriage
but I went ahead and tied the knot anyway
which means these experiences are all
KARMIC.  There was a certain compulsion about
it all...nothing based on reasoned thought. This
indicates that somewhere in the past we both
had some heavy karmic baggage and that we
had to deal with it together in this lifetime.

The only satisfaction is that once it's over and
if we have dealt with it with some equanimity
(which is hard), we've run off the karma and
hopefully that's the end of it.

If you can detach yourself from the situation
to some degree, try visualizing your wife
surrounded by white light.

My advice in my previous message really
relates to marriages which are relatively
stable where there is a give and take on both
sides.  This leads to a level of compatibility.

Best Wishes,

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