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Paramitas Of Buddhism ??? :)

Oct 26, 1998 07:17 PM
by Richard Taylor

In a message dated 10/26/98 11:23:15 PM, Dallas wrote:

<<Dear Rich:

What happened to VIRAGA Paramita ?  is  it not one of the

Buddhist paramitas ?>>


This was exactly my point, as I stated at the end of my comment.  *ALL* known
Buddhist lists give the paramitas, six and ten in number, as you can see for
yourself in HPB's footnote #2, page 52 of the Voice of the Silence.  She is
quite aware of traditional lists, but chooses to insert a *new* paramita
called VIRAGA.  My question is why?  Blavatsky is neither careless nor
ignorant in my experience, so she must have a good reason for choosing to add
a new seventh paramita.  I simply don't know what that reason is, and I'd like
to see the Telugu original which she claims to be translating the Voice
treatises from.


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