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Quotations from Theosophical Sources

Oct 25, 1998 04:54 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

Oct 25th 1998

	Theosophy offers some ideas:

"Some years ago the Adepts wrote and said to H.P.B. and to
several persons that more help could be given to the movement in
America because the fact of their existence was not concealed
from motives of either fear or doubt...Occult help from Masters
requires a channel just as much as any other help does...The
persons to be acted on must take part in making the channel or
line for the force to act, for if we will not have it, they
cannot give it. if we look over the work we find wherever the
members boldly avow their belief and are not afraid to speak of
this high ideal, the interest in Theosophy is awake, the work
goes on, the people are benefited. ... This joined to an
intelligent declaration of belief in the great initiation of the
human race will lead to results of magnitude, will call out the
forces behind it, [and] will prevail..."
	==  W.Q.Judge Articles II pp. 41-2

" worker, however feeble or insignificant is outside the
range of Master's eye and help."
	==  W.Q.Judge Articles, II  p.  47.

"A good man can live under any form of government or social
order.  What we should strive to do is to increase that
toleration for every one which alone will open up men's minds to
the truth...
[the attitude of the Society] should be neutral to any form or
method, but not neutral as to the general doctrines of justice
and Universal Brotherhood.  The latter doctrine supports all
applications of justice... The function of the T.S. is to give
all its members aspiration to high
ideals;  to furnish a free, tolerant platform where all men may
assemble if they wish."
	THE SOCIETY AND REFORMS,  "Path,"  April 1894.
	==  W.Q.Judge Articles, Vol. II, p. 182-3.

"Under the Doctrines of Theosophy is one fundamental proposition,
namely, "the essential Unity of all life and being."
Manifestation of life is differentiation of this unity, the
purpose of differentiation is evolution, and the destiny of
evolution is the return of all manifestation
into its source and original unity... This universal truth [is]
the essential unity of all life and being throughout nature...

Theosophy is not a new invention but the essential underlying
truth of all philosophies;  it is a body of doctrine in
philosophy, science, and ethics, principally derived from the
"Eastern sacred Theories," which were worked out by a brotherhood
of devotees and initiates who used every method of scientific
investigation known to us, as well as their own highly developed
practices of observation, experiment, concentration, and
meditation to reach the truth... this slowly accumulating body of
facts, furnished the basis for these great universal doctrines,
and the psychic development of these devotees and students gave
them great power over nature and insight into the mystic side of
the universe and man... portions of the doctrines are given out
from time to time, such as may be safely trusted to an advancing
age, because to penetrate into the mystery of nature requires
purity and perfection, and this final perfection is not a gift to
be expected from without, but is to be worked for by those who
desire it....

Our civilization has mainly occupied itself with material and
intellectual progress, refusing to even recognize the superior
faculties of intuition and man's capability of spiritual culture.
These higher faculties have been allowed to remain dormant during
the race for material aggrandizement and personal recognition....

A wider field of consciousness...which lies within the capability
of development in every individual, that on the spiritual plane
there is a spiritual unity, a universal brotherhood of mankind,
and on that plane of being there is no separateness from
homogeneous existence;  and further that no permanent progress is
possible through fostering the illusion of separateness, and that
man's true duty at all times and in all circumstances is...the
preservation of harmony around him. ... the spiritual unity of
mankind is the basis of our moral life....

The interdependence of everything suggests the unity of all. ...
this essential unity of all being, however, becomes only
realizable in the ratio in which consciousness on a higher plane
is awakened [which considers that] there is no separation in
reality... "
	Condensed from THEOSOPHY AND THE T.S. "Path," December 1890.
	==  W.Q.Judge Articles  Vol. 11, pp. 197-202

"The work and influence of a Branch hinge upon the knowledge of
theosophical doctrine, upon the motives, ideas, and ideals of the
members, and so we have to consider what is the knowledge
required and what should be the aims, ideas and ideals of those
who form and are to work in a Branch......Each Branch is
separately responsible for its own actions, and yet every one is
helped or injured by every other.  These reciprocating influences
work on the real though unseen plane where every man is
dynamically united to every fellow man. ... every individual, by
eliminating the desire to get knowledge for himself, will thereby
make the Branch as a whole open and porous to the unseen but real
and powerful influences managed from behind the scenes by the
great personages who have as part of their work in the world the
theosophic movement, and who are constantly at work among us for
the purpose of aiding those who are sincere and unselfish....

There is a mysterious power in the doctrines of karma and
reincarnation which at last forces them up those who take them up
for study.  It is due to the fact that the ego is itself the
experiencer of rebirth, and rejoices, as it were, when it finds
the lower mind taking them up for study.  Each person is the
concentration and result of karma, and is compelled from within
to believe.  The ethics of theosophy as enforced an illuminated
by these twin doctrines should therefore be the object of our
search and promulgation. ...

[ Many more practical items of advice and procedure are then
offered by Mr. Judge in this valuable article. ]
							William Q. Judge

	Condensed from THEOSOPHICAL STUDY AND WORK, "Aryan Branch paper
# 8  November 1890

"We should do as Buddha taught , practise, promulgate, and
illustrate our doctrines.  He spoke to the meanest of men with
effect, although having a deeper doctrine for greater and more
learned minds.  Let us then, acquire the art of practical
exposition of ethics based on our theories and enforced by the
fact of Universal brotherhood."

	WHAT OUT SOCIETY NEEDS MOST,  "Path,"  September 1892
	==  W.Q.Judge Articles,  Vol. II, p. 217

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