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Re: RE: Stray comments on reincarnation == Immortal Monads == ...

Oct 24, 1998 04:23 PM
by Dallas TenBroeck

Oct 24th 1998

Dallas offers:

As I understand it, the "Manasaputra"  (Son of Universal Manas -
you and I, and all of us who are in the human stage of evolution)
transforms itself into a Mahatma ( A "Great Soul" - a true
MANASA - a Mind Being for whom there are no limits to knowledge
or wisdom in our period of manifestation ).

If there are limits to this consciousness and perception you will
find HPB describing them in SD I 330 top para.  In MAHATMA
LETTERS see also  pp. 41, 43 bottom, to p. 51.  The whole section
opens up vistas of thought that are inspiring.  See also pp
180-1, 157,  and p. 385 .

The whole learning process is not one of acquiring information.
It is, rather. Learning how to use the information that one
secures WISELY.  Ours is not only an intellectual evolution but a
moral one, as MANAS has to firmly cemented to BUDDHI - wisdom and
discrimination  - for it to be successful.  If the KEY TO
THEOSOPHY is read carefully this idea emerges very strongly

This is why BROTHERHOOD has first to be practiced as evidence
that one has learned how data - the intellectual principle as a
faculty has to become compassionate and generous - otherwise its
selfish inclinations and pride in learning isolates it from
humanity in general and all its "brothers"  (both advanced and
developing) in general.

I hope these ideas prove to be of help.


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<< The ultimate "Goal" we can think of, for ourselves as an
 EGO-MONAD, is to become an Adept - a Mahatma.  >>

When Adeptship is attained, what happens to the entity
called the Manasaputra - the "being" that has grafted
itself on to the evolving EGO-MONAD ? It becomes
rather superfluous, doesn't it ?  The "manasaputra", that


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