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RE: Stray comments on reincarnation == Immortal Monads == Total Education == the Service of the Wise

Oct 23, 1998 03:26 PM
by Dallas TenBroeck

Oct 23rd 1998

Dear "Brazzer":

As I understand the teachings and propositions of Theosophy we
have in each of us

2 Egos:  the Higher and the Lower.

It relates to the duality of Manas which is explained by HPB in
KEY p. 173-76, and in SD II 167 - also see for relevance SD II
79-80 87 94 186 233 241 246 294 342 109-110 273-5 ;  and SD I 267
210 416-7 574 105 130 (the 2 ONES) 295fn, also HPB articles in
THEOSOPHIST Vol. 5, pp. 246 (to be found in the ULT Edn. Of HPB
Articles III p. 265 and Blavatsky Collected Works  Vol 6, pp

There are probably many more statements that relate to this

There are three "higher principles"  Atma-a "ray" of the
UNIVERSAL ONE SPIRIT focused in each of us - the source of
CONSCIOUSNESS.  2.  Wisdom acquired over billions of years of
experience - called "buddhi" - a bridge between SPIRIT and the
embodied personality - the mask we were in each "life."  [ Note:
these two are said to be the "divine duad," or Spirit-
& -divine-Matter" eternally conjoined. And,  3.  Mind - a
"principle" which is linked closely to Buddhi and which is the
active experiencer, the thinker, feeler, willer, imaginer and

A link between these three (sometimes called the "Triple-Monad,"
and the personality is formed by a "ray" of Manas thrown as a
"bridge" to the highest aspect of the "personality" of each life
to the Kamic principle - whose characteristics are chiefly
desire, passion and wants - all directed to the selfish and sole
benefit of the pleasures of the "personality" of this or of any

The "Personality," then consists of Kama - desire & passions,  2.
Of the vitality or Life-principle called sometimes personal
electricity or personal magnetism (prana);  3.  The model body or
electro-magnetic framework on which all the cells, molecules and
atoms of the physical (the 4th principle) body arrange

Mind (Manas) being the link is said to be 3-fold - for details
see KEY pp. 173-176.  Also called "Soul."  There is the
"Spiritual Soul" when Manas is linked to Buddhi - as during
meditation on high ethical themes and when one actively does good
to others.  Then there is the "Human Soul" - or Manas per se - as
when one does work with mathematics, or engineering, or studies
to increase one's knowledge.  Finally, 3.  There is the "Animal
Soul" - which is the Mind allied to Kama and used to assist the
desires to frame methods of attaining selfish goals.

To give a quick over-view:  Every "form of matter" from the
'life-atom' on up to the greatest UNIVERSE we can conceive of (in
time and space) runs under the LAW OF KARMA - the WHOLE as well
as all the parts.  THE ONE SPIRIT pervades all without any
exceptions.  [ There is no remote hell or limbo into which a
refuse of dust, or "rejected' souls, etc... can be swept away and
'forgotten' or 'isolated.'  Such an isolation would be
illogical. ]

THE ONE SPIRIT in its periodical "manifestations" under KARMA
which is a part of it, sends
Out or rather 'condenses' in primordial matter, MONADS or what we
would term ATMA-BUDDHI(s).
These are as permanent, immortal and eternal as is the manifested
Universe.  Our SELF, Ego, and all the "matter" of which our 6
"vehicles" are formed consists of such MONADS, each at its own
level and stage of development.  Each cooperating in a natural
way (under Karma) with the others.

What is being developed or evolved ?  Is it not the "perception
of self" - of various degrees of consciousness which show up as
innate qualities and properties in each MONAD?

If this is taken as a probable, then the whole UNIVERSE may be
considered as a vast SCHOOL in which every level and kind of
experience is to be found.  And, progress and individual
advancement is chosen by those immortal MONADS.  At first they
emerge from the general "chaos" of the "Monadic essence."  Then
there is a gradual individualization and a passing through the
various stages of progressive intelligent development through all
the divisions of Nature - akasic, astral, elemental, metals,
vegetables, animals until the man-stage and kingdom is reached.
In other words each MONAD as it advances in experience becomes
responsible for increasing numbers of other MONADS who ally
themselves to it and are its "attendants" for a longer or shorter
period of time.  If we extend in thought this process we can
understand why it is said that we are in truth Universal beings
(as MONADS) because we embrace the farthermost boundaries of
infinitude - the UNIVERSE.

In the man-form each individual Monad undergoes the experience of
the "LIGHTING UP OF MANAS."  By this process it becomes
"self-conscious."  Simultaneously, as I understand it, a
well-advanced MONAD - one which has reached full
SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS earlier, takes over the chore of assisting and
guiding (by suggestion and not by any compulsion) the
self-devised development of the "newly" aware and self-conscious
Monad.  It takes up residence along with the MONAD that is
developing through its own decisions - assisting when referred to
(as the Intuition or the Voice of Conscience). The "Lighting Up
of Manas" is an event that occurs in the Manvantaric cycle for a
certain class of MONADS as they "graduate" from the "animal
consciousness class" into the "human-consciousness class."  Such
a change is said to have occurred a little over 18 million years
ago. WE are all in this particular class, living interacting and
working together.  It is merely a change in the type of
consciousness and level of responsibility.  The monad is
confronted with a vast brotherhood of self-conscious Egos who are
its personal family: parents, elders, siblings, children,
compatriots, etc...  And it is only natural that we meet again
from life to life in analogous relationships.

Reincarnation becomes the process under karma whereby the
learning process of this immortal MONADIC pupil is perpetuated
and held to its individual line.

The ultimate "Goad" we can think of, for ourselves as an
EGO-MONAD, is to become an Adept - a Mahatma.  The one thing we
have as a barrier is the PERSONAL vitality and ego-centered Kamic
principle which gives us our present waking-life sense of
personality when we incarnate into a physical body.

It is selfish and focused on its likes and dislikes and one of
the things it does not like at all is the idea that it is
subordinate in all ways to the inner Monitor (or Tutor) the
HIGHER SELF - or that ADVANCED MONADIC EGO that is an aspect of
the ONE UNIVERSAL SELF that interpenetrates even our sense of
selfishness and desire for secrecy and isolation.

The personal and selfish self is the "Lower Manas" and one of its
characteristics is its desire to see if it can break the Laws of
the Universe and the World without having to pay the price of
suffering.  And there is developed a false sense of independence.
At the back of its consciousness is a firm and ineradicable
knowledge that the Laws of Nature --KARMA-are immutable - the
same for everyone and no one can escape the scope of their

I am saying this briefly as there are many arguments pro and con
to be used to review the accuracy of such a concept.  But, I
would draw your attention to the KEY TO THEOSOPHY by HPB or THE
OCEAN OF THEOSOPHY  by Judge - as both teach the same thing using
slightly different words.


That UNITY OF THE ONE SPIRIT forms a great symphony a harmony
during those periods when there is manifestation - the "music of
the spheres."  The influence of the small and the great
intermingle and each is important to all the others.

If we are inter-responsible then the law of karma resolves itself
into the reasonable treatment of others giving to others that
which we expect to receive from them - the "Golden Rule."

I hope this may help.  If more questions are raised let us know -
I am sure that there are others who have ideas on this subject or
can add to this.


> From: Bazzer
> Sent:	Friday, October 23, 1998 4:07 AM
> Subject: Re: stray comments on reincarnation

Dallas wrote:


What do we mean by "immortals"?  Conscious immortality is
conditional.  See,
for example, ML XXc.


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