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Re: stray comments on reincarnation

Oct 23, 1998 12:31 PM
by Eldon B Tucker

><< demigod acting as our Higher Self, a Manasaputra;
>ourselves as the essentially-human nature >>
>Does this mean that our Higher Self is not really our
>Higher Self but another entity tacking itself on to
>the "embodied composite"? I was under the impression
>that who we really our is the Monad, taking an
>individuality (Reincarnating Aego) which in turns takes
>on the evanescent Personality.


This is one of the most difficult aspects of
the study, something that can be described in a
number of different ways that seem to contradict
each other, upon first appearance. The subject of
how we can be one and many at the same is, I
suspect, an important doctrine taken right out of
the Mysteries.

This dual aspect appears in psychology as well.
We could consider ourselves as the personality or
conscious ego, and the autonomous complexes in
our psyche as both being part of us and at the
same time the expression of other conscious beings.

Our "Higher Self" has a dual aspect to it. In
one sense, it's a Dhyani-Chohan, acting in the
role of Manasaputra, contributing the "fire of
mind" to our composite nature, helping build the
whole, incarnate human being. It another sense,
there's the latent Manasaputra within us, really
ourselves, our potential to become and function
at that level one day in our own right. The
distinction between the two -- living higher
being informing us, and our unique self as that
higher type of being -- is moot while we are
in incarnation, since we -- the collective of
Monads -- divine, spiritual, human, etc. -- are
in a union during earthlife. That's "union,"
though, not "unity." We're as closely associated
with the other Monads in our constitution as
the earth's Globes are with one another, but that's
another story.

-- Eldon

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