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RE: THE VOICE OF THE SILENCE == Source of Theos. Co. edition

Oct 23, 1998 05:16 AM
by Alpha (Tony)

Daniel writes:

>Whether these "corrections", etc. change the meaning or not is
>really the issue.

Dallas writes:
>Verbatim is verbatim.  Facsimile is facsimile.  As I said no
>argument there.

>Meaning is of course another issue.

This side of the pond a facsimile means an exact reproduction (like a
photocopy), and surely it means the same in the USA too.

The TPH/Wheaton/Quest/Centenary/1992 edition of "The Voice of the Silence,"
is described on the back cover as "A facsimile reprint of Blavatsky's
classic work, this new edition presents the text exactly as Blavatsky wrote
it."  Page 8a: "The text of this edition is faithful to the original
publication, being a facsimile reprint of the 1889 version.  A few obvious
typographical errors that might confuse the reader have been corrected."

In fairness, on reading these descriptions, any prospective purchaser would
expect to be getting a facsimile (like a photocopy) of the original edition
of "The Voice of the Silence."

This is not the case.  This edition could at best be described as a verbatim
reprint? (there are some changes as Daniel has shown), as the type-face/font
is different to that of the original edition.  In other words it is
definitely not a facsimile of the original edition, and to describe it as
such is a misrepresentation of the facts.


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