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Updated Theosophical History Webpage

Oct 20, 1998 01:34 PM
by John Patrick Deveney

The Theosophical History Webpage
has been updated and enlarged.  There is a  review of the Theosophical
History conference held in Edmonton,  Canada, and a notice of the discovery
of George Henry Felt's Preface to his  long-sought "The Kabbalah of the
Egyptians and Canon of Proportions of the Greeks."
We are also very pleased to announce the forthcoming appearance in the
January issue of Theosophical History of "The Theosophical Current: A
Periodization" by Antoine Faivre. This is an extremely important publishing
event and we hope the article will be widely read and commented upon. Those
interested can special order the issue for $10 plus postage. Upcoming

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