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RE: T. Co. == THE VOICE OF THE SILENCE and other books == Why the ULT ?

Oct 19, 1998 10:22 PM
by Dallas TenBroeck

Oct 19th 1998

Dear "Augoeides,"

I would strongly recommend that you verify the allegations for
yourself and see if they are correct.  And, at the same time ask
yourself if there is any change in MEANING.  Although I asked
this question of Dan, he has not answered it directly, but has
pointed out errors of transcription.  What Dan has written is
textually accurate - as he always is on such matters - no
arguments there.  And, there never have been.  That is the strict
application of the "Eye Doctrine."

The question is "Why is there any textual difference ?"

Since I have been involved in this exchange I suggested that he
write to Theosophy Company and ask his questions directly.
Perhaps he has done this, but he does not mention that.  I
certainly was not around in the 1920s when the decision to offer
an edition of the VOICE was taken.

There is no question that Theosophy Company did well in
reprinting facsimile editions of THE SECRET DOCTRINE, ISIS
appears to also be a facsimile reprint, and in more recent years
in facsimile.  The printing of these facsimiles has forced the
various publishers of Theosophical books to issue (if they wanted
to) their own facsimile reprints.  Students now have ready access
to those originals.

Remains the VOICE. When this was reprinted by T. Co. it was not
identified either as a facsimile or a verbatim reprint of the

Considering some of the facts that Dan has set forth:

"Bhagavad Gita" is still "Bhagavadgita."  The spelling in English
is optional.  The MEANING has not changed

The Theosophy Company issued this edition of the VOICE so that it
would be available and true to HPB's meaning from the point of
view of the "Heart Doctrine."  This is what ought to be checked

Are students hampered, diverted or deterred from securing HPB's

When the ULT reprinted THE VOICE OF THE SILENCE in the 1920s, I
believe, it did so to simplify the access to the "Glossary"
explanations.  Originally those had been placed in the back of
the book as first issued in 1889.  They were moved from that
position to serve as FOOTNOTES, which were then placed on the
same page, below the word in the text, so that students could
gain immediate understanding of those strange ancient words she
used in that text they had just read.  In this Dr. Stokes and his
finding of over 600 alterations is probably correct, but I have
not reverified the count, having done this once many years ago.

Also, as I understand it, the only edition (in the 1920s) of the
VOICE available, was that published by the TPH, Adyar.  In that
it was found that there had been omitted the explanation given by
HPB in her Glossary (at the end of the book) concerning
"Pratyekha Buddhas" (p. 47).  It is an important reference and
dovetails with the rest of Theosophical teachings - it explains
how it is possible for a "Buddha-of-selfishness" == who is
technically correct in all his observances, but is resolute in
his determination to sever all connections with the millions of
humanity from which he has emerged == to become a Mukta (free of
all bonds and karma), and enter a kind of private Nirvana which
is said to last for the rest of this Manvantara.

In the 2nd printing of the book (1890 ?) a few corrections were
made, apparently just before HPB's death in London, and for
instance "Upadhya" was changed to the more correct "Upadhyaya."
(p. 49)  Upadhyaya means a "teacher Of spiritual lore," and as a
surname it is used among some Brahmin families of Bengal and East
India.  [ Variants indicating levels of proficiency are
Bandopadhyaya and Chattopadhyaya.  This compares with other
Brahmin surnames such a Vedi, Dwivedi, Trivedi and Chaturvedi ==
each indicating a level of proficiency. ]

Now to another point which seems relevant.

Theosophy Company publishes for The UNITED LODGE OF THEOSOPHISTS,
which  exists for a single purpose:

               "To spread broadcast the teachings of Theosophy
		as recorded in the writings of
		H. P. Blavatsky and William Q. Judge."

In that connection and as an adjunct to publishing the "original
teachings of theosophy," ULT maintains a program of lectures or
study meetings when an adequate number of students desire to
gather to pursue together the study of the writings of the
"messengers" from the Ancient and Immemorial Lodge of Masters
(see ISIS UNVEILED, II pp. 95-103).  In terms of the DECLARATION
of the ULT, they seek "to fit themselves by study and otherwise,
to be the better able to help and teach others."  These meetings
and the availability of the texts are advertised regularly.

All work is voluntary and is sustained by those who think it is
essential to see that the "original message" of Theosophy (and
its meaning) is made available to all those who desire to find
it.  No restrictions are made on attendance.  There are no rules,
or regulations, or fees.  All is sustained by volunteers who are
agreed that THEOSOPHY ought to be perpetuated.

For this reason the present students who use the facilities of
the ULT, and who have profited by the Teachings and the contact
with the Masters made available through HPB and WQJ, continue
that work as best they can.  They try to offer the same
opportunity to others who surround them, or will follow them in
time.  As I said earlier, all are volunteers and each one decides
for himself or herself how they will participate in the
continuing work.

The ULT is in no sense an "organization," nor does it seek to
enroll "members," or, conduct membership drives, etc.  Its "open
door" policy ought to be considered as one of the many gateways
to that Wisdom which is the universal and common legacy of all

It offers freedom -- freedom to think, freedom to study, freedom
to consult -- since The UNITED LODGE OF THEOSOPHISTS exists (as
said earlier) for a single purpose:  "To spread broadcast the
teachings of Theosophy as recorded in the writings of H. P.
Blavatsky and William Q. Judge."

The meetings that are held, function and serve as opportunities
for mutual consultation.  The whole and only basis of the ULT is
its DECLARATION.  It has no other basis, or laws, or rules, or
regulations, and participation in its activities is offered free
to anyone who desires to use them or ask about them.  It also
welcomes every kind of volunteer effort that is in line with its
DECLARATION, and has the brotherhood of Mankind and of all Beings
as its practical objective.  Brotherhood is the practice of the
objects of Theosophy.

Publications are offered close to actual cost, so that they can
receive the widest distribution.  Those who support the
Theosophical Movement as a whole, use the ULT vehicle for the
purpose of letting others know that THEOSOPHY exists, and that
there are those who are its students. And further, that no set
view is imposed as a "belief," or a "creed" on anyone, and no one
is looked upon as "a leader," as all are "STUDENTS OF THEOSOPHY."
If there is any orthodoxy at all, it is in its strict adherence
to the promulgation of the  "original teachings of Theosophy as
recorded by HPB and WQJ."

Since it is an association of student-volunteers, those so
associated gather to consult with each other at frequent
intervals.  As a result of many years of experience all over the
world in many kinds of situations, methods have been adopted that
were found to provide the most harmonious atmosphere in which
individuals can work, so as to carry forward its special
program - outlined in its DECLARATION.  As said earlier, an
atmosphere of freedom and cooperation does not limit the
individual right to freedom of study and work so long as the
rights of others are not infringed upon.

I hope that this information assists in making the situation

If there are more questions, please do not hesitate to ask them.

[ I do not quote the DECLARATION of the UNITED LODGE OF
THEOSOPHISTS again as it was quoted some months ago.  But if it
is requested it can be requoted. ]

With best wishes, as always to you,


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<< Why are there 600+ changes in this Theosophy Company's
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If this is true, the United Lodge of Theosophists have a lot
to answer for. Sounds like false advertising to me!


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