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To Rich Taylor in answer to your questions about HPB

Oct 19, 1998 09:08 AM
by Daniel H Caldwell


Glad to hear that you are still among the living.
Also glad to hear that you are going to be working
on this important dissertation.

I'll try to answer your questions right now.

>As a sample, I have
> listed a few points that currently stump me.
> (1) Where is it the late Buddhist scholar D.T.  Suzuki praises
> HPB's Buddhism?

Suzuki's remarks on the VOICE are to be found in "The Middle Way", the
August 1965 issue, page 90.

Suzuki's remarks on HPB's acquaintance with Mahayana Buddhism is to
be found in "The Eastern Buddhist" [old series], Volume 5, page 377.

> (2) What is the original document in which HPB claims to have
> translated the Voice of the Silence from the south Indian
> language Telugu, as printed in the Concord Grove Press edition of
> the Voice?

This is HPB's letter to her sister Vera, letter dated Feb. 1890,
published in English translation in "The Path", Dec. 1895, p. 268.  It
is on this page that HPB's words are found about the Voice and the
Telugu MSS.

> (3) Where can I find the original 1927 Peking edition of the
> Voice, where the 9th Panchen Lama sends his "Enter the Path"
> message?

Richard Robb at Wizards Bookshelf, San Diego sells the reprint of this
Peking edition.  It is published by the H.P.B. Library, Toronto, Canada.

Wizards Bookshelf's address is PO Box 6600, San Diego, CA 92166.  Email
me if you want Richard's phone number.  I can also give you the address
of the HPB Library. If you want to see a copy of the original, check
with TS Pasadena or possibly ULT, Los Angeles.  Or use interlibrary
loan.  Jerry HE in Turlock probably has a copy and you're close to his
neck of the woods.

> (4) Where does the Lama Kazi Dawa Samdup (who with Evans-Wentz
> translated the TIBETAN BOOK OF THE DEAD) say that HPB has
> "intimate acquaintance with the higher lamaistic teachings"?

As far as I know this is only in Evans-Wentz's TIBETAN BOOK OF THE DEAD
in the introduction in a footnote.  I say this from memory.  I have
never seen the original source if there is one.  The Lama may have
verbally told Evans-Wentz this or maybe it was in a letter.
> (5) Where does HPB describe the Masters, speaking of themselves,
> as Pre-Vedic Buddhists?

I believe HPB talks about this in several places.  Check ISIS for some
info on this.  I don't have time this morning to find the exact
references.  Maybe Dallas or Tony Maddock can come up with the

In your research for your dissertation, I recommend you consulting
The COLLECTED WRITINGS series of HPB's works.  Volume XV which is the
cumulative index is worth its weight in gold.  Also the excellent index
to the CW edition of ISIS UNVEILED as well as the SD index (CW ed., TUP
ed, TC ed.)

Hope this helps some.

Please keep in touch and let me know when you need help.  I'll try my
best to find info for you.  Also please let David Reigle know what
you're doing and keep him informed.  He is a very, very good source for
what you are working on.

Rich, please send to me in private email your current address and phone

Must close for now. I'm also sending this to theos-talk for the info of
everyone interested.


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