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New Additions to Alpheus

Oct 19, 1998 07:56 AM
by Theosophy World Editor

The following message to theos-talk bounced, so
I'm forwarding it:

>From: "Govert Schuller <>
>Subject: New Additions to Alpheus
>Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 01:41:37 -0500

>Carol Stream, 15 October, 1998,

>Dear friends and supporters,

>First of all many thanks for your ongoing interest and support
>for Alpheus. Your reactions made it clear that the website serves
>to fill in certain gaps in our understanding of 20th spiritual
>history. I have not expanded the website for almost a year, but
>now, after a trip to Minneapolis--talking to a little band of
>Theosophists and Ascended Masters students--I feel a renewed
>commitment to present more material. Hopefully soon I will go
>beyond the Krishnamurti drama into other areas of esoteric
>historical interest.
>After my wife found out that our $99-scanner had Optical
>Character Recognition, to convert a scanned text into an editable
>text, we immediately used the program to post some primary
>sources on the Alpheus website together with some correspondence.
>Since Alpheus started I received many questions about Cyril Scott
>and David Anrias. They play a pivotal role in the Krishnamurti
>drama from a Master's point of  view, and not much is known about
>these two characters' involvement with the Masters. Fortunately
>Jean Overton Fuller will come out soon (before Christmas) with a
>study about Cyril Scott, which will be published by Theosophical
>Alpheus contains now some primary texts of Scott and Anrias about
>1) 'Krishnamurti: A Problem,' Chapter V from "The Initiate in the
>Dark Cycle" By his Pupil (Cyril Scott)
>A very vivid conversation of some artist friends about
>Krishnamurti. Splendid monologue by author's wife about the
>effect of Krishnamurti on his audience.
>2) 'The Truth about Krishnamurti ' Chapter XI from "The Initiate
>in the Dark Cycle" By his Pupil (Cyril Scott)
>The author receives some illuminating information about
>Krishnamurti from his teacher and an English Adept.
>3) 'Introduction' by Cyril Scott of "Through the Eyes of the
>Masters" by David Anrias
>Great introduction to theosophy, the Masters, David Anrias and
>the Krishnamurti problem.
>4) Message by Lord Maitreya from "Through the Eyes of the
>Masters" by David Anrias
>Some profound comments by the real World Teacher on his erstwhile
>vehicle Krishnamurti.
>Also some correspondence was added:
>And a comparison between Theosophical terms and Ascended Master
>terms for the different bodies and principles comprising the
>human being.
>All the best
>Govert Schüller

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