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Re: "Spiritual culture" answering some inquiries

Oct 12, 1998 04:45 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

Oct 12th 1998

Dear friend "Augoeides"

I think that I would agree with your quotations as offered - I
find that HPB in various places says the same basic things with
words altered as to context in which she is writing.

Thanks for the references,


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<< To cut my proposition short I said originally (as I remember)
 that along with the differentiation of Spirit and Matter also
 came Mind, because to me >>

HPB says that "Mahat (the Universal Mind) is the first production
of the BrahmÔ-Creator" (SD I, p. 216) and that "BrahmÔ is Mahat
-the Universal Mind" (SD II, p. 284) and further on she states
"the Logos reflects the Universe in the Divine Mind" (SDI,
Divine Mind or Mahat, then, would be the creative Logos or the
creative aspect of God.


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