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Re: "Spiritual culture" answering some inquiries

Oct 09, 1998 05:10 PM
by Dallas TenBroeck

Oct 9th 1998

Dallas says:

When Differentiation begins and manifestation  (or Manvantara)
begins again, out of the undifferentiated eternal background
called THE ABSOLUTE or "ABSOLUTENESS" there emerges a universal
"germ"  (a shista or seed) and thus differentiated Spirit is said
to begin again.  From the "Spirit" a further differentiation
(which is part of itself) emerges, and this is called "Matter" or
form and forms.

Inherent, as I understand it, in this process is Karma - the
eternal Law which is also part of the ABSOLUTE - the "pulsation"
(SD I 28, Sloka 8) .  I think this may be correct as
manifestation is cyclic and Law would rule.  From the Universe
that went to sleep at Pralaya now emerges the Universe that is
awakening.  All the beings that lived and worked there now begin
to revive and reassume their progress from the base where sleep
and rest intervened.

While Spirit may be designated as "all-perfect" there is, to me,
implicit not only a universal impartite condition, but also the
means whereby it can work (in differentiation) on "Matter."  The
first aspect of this "matter" or "root-matter," would be
Mulaprakriti or Maha-Buddhi and these (as Monad, or rather, the
dual Monad (Atma-Buddhi) in manifestation)  would have for
vehicle the "akasa."

If we were to say that Spirit and Matter emerge from the
indescribable background of the ABSOLUTE ( or rather
differentiate and emanate out of IT ), we would have to posit a
process, a plan - and that is why I have the idea that there is
UNIVERSAL MIND - the universal and intelligent agent.  I believe
that HPB also calls it in one of its aspects FOHAT.  She ascribes
to Fohat the qualities of dynamic and intelligent electricity as
a vivifying agent - the Life Force in general and the particular
life-force of individual Monads - Monads that work in and on the
whole evolutionary process in all its many ramifications.

She also indicates that the process of developing out of
primordial and chaotic matter a succession of forms that
progressively densify is guided by Beings she calls the
"Builders," the "Dhyan Chohans."

One might conclude that they operate in unison - in cooperation -
as they must have different areas of expertise, or
responsibility, and this cooperative effort produces eventually
the Universe as we perceive it now.  This process she indicates
tales an enormous amount of time.

These Beings are immortals, in the sense that they have developed
as consciousnesses in previous Manvantaras, the capability of
unifying consciously and at will with the whole of the UNIVERSE,
with each-other, and with the ABSOLUTE (from which they all
originated) - a realization of such a unity does not snuff these
out, but rather provides the necessary binding quality of trust
and purpose which makes it possible for them to operate, each in
his own sphere, and all together.  The simile of the drop
returning to the Ocean does not mean that the binding force of
the "drop" per se, is non-essed, but only that it MERGES back
into the ONE SOURCE, and when required by the Law of evolution,
it re-emerges.

To cut my proposition short I said originally (as I remember)
that along with the differentiation of Spirit and Matter also
came Mind, because to me, it was a logical concomitant that these
polar opposites (while agreeably united in one) had to be
perceived by something, or someone, ==  so as to co-ordinate all
aspects of interaction that ensued == after the primordial

If that is correct then those we call the Masters of Wisdom, the
Adepts, Mahatmas, Buddhas, Rishis, Dhyan Chohans, Bodhisattvas,
etc... are all designations of purpose and functions due to the
development by them of the Mind faculty of perception .  HPB
states in several places that those high positions of
responsibility in the World and the Universe are the result of
their efforts and they have all passed  through the "man-stage."
They have their duties and work from the beginning, and I believe
that HPB has set this out in the first 300 pages of the S D.
Particularly striking to me are pages 207-210 in S D I.

I hope this clarifies rather than confuses.


> From: Mark Kusek
> Sent:	Friday, October 09, 1998 3:16 PM
> Subject: Re: "Spiritual culture" answering some inquiries

Ray Tomes wrote:
> > > Dallas wrote:
> > > As I see it, the polar opposites, say,
> > > Spirit and Matter, are always united by perception,
> > > and consciousness (as 3 aspects of the same thing - the
> > > which serves as a constant "link" )    Am I wrong in this ?
> > Jerry Schueler <> wrote:
> > Dallas, I think you have it just backwards. Spirit and Matter
> > intrinsically a union. It is our human mind that separates
> > thereby causing the duality. When consciousness rises above
> > the human mind, it rises above dualities simultaneously.
> I would say that matter - mind - spirit is a continuum
differing in the
> fineness of the vibrations.

I agree with you Ray, when viewed/perceived/cognized from Manas
and/or lower) in manifestation. What Jerry is saying is also
true. Note
in particular his last sentence. He's talking about something

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