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Re: "Spiritual culture" answering some inquiries

Oct 06, 1998 01:39 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

Oct 6th

Dear Jerry,

I think we are both saying the same thing as I agree that the
division of Spirit/Matter occurs only when there is
manifestation.  In the non-manifested condition they are ONE.
But the potentiality of the Mind has also to be there as a third
factor - as a continuing record of experience - even if in
non-manifestation it appears to our finite minds as non-existing.

Where do the "builders,"  "creators,"  Adi-Buddha, Dhyan Chohans,
and other great MINDS emanate from (except from the ABSOLUTENESS
also).  As I read the S D in the first volume, these are "names"
given to great beings who work to set and supervise all the
formative processes of involution.

If my understanding is correct, then the Mind (in general) -
perhaps call it the UNIVERSAL MIND ? is in manifestation a third
factor, and is able )as a vast range of beings (Monads) to alter
consciousness from "natural impulse" into the infinitely divided
and many-graded rainbow of Monadic self-consciousness, which then
as experience proceeds widens into Universal Self-consciousness -
where the Mind is able to perceive the whole range of factors
that make up the Universe.

What else is a Buddha - un who has developed and embodies that
UNIVERSAL VISION while still living on Earth and performing his
work of teaching and assistance here ?


> From: Jerry Schueler
> Sent:	Monday, October 05, 1998 5:13 PM
> Subject: Re: "Spiritual culture" answering some inquiries

> As I see it, the polar opposites, say,
>Spirit and Matter, are always united by perception, intelligence
>and consciousness (as 3 aspects of the same thing - the MIND
>which serves as a constant "link" )    Am I wrong in this ?

Dallas, I think you have it just backwards. Spirit and Matter are
intrinsically a union. It is our human mind that separates them
thereby causing the duality. When consciousness rises above
the human mind, it rises above dualities simultaneously.

Jerry S.

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