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Re: "Spirituaal culture" answering some inquiries

Oct 02, 1998 07:01 AM
by Jerry Schueler

>I reply
>When one chooses a life of duty- self- sacrificea
>and assistance to others,
>the motive is the key.
>If his act are motivated  by the selfish desire to rack up points, as it
>were, he will be sorely dissapointed.
>If he detaches himself from the results of his acts, expecting nothing -
>the Law of Karmaautomatically advances him along the Path.
>This is the GAIN....
>         Dorothy

This is still double-talk, and the goal, albeit through the back door,
is still personal gain. If you try to detach yourself from the rewards
of your acts and act unselfishly, for example, then there is no
gain at all, and that is exactly the way it should be. Any lust for
some kind of spiritual gain or progress is egotistical, and the notion
of throwing out the ego in order to gain it something is not only
impossible but misguided because the real inner motive is still
gain. The whole idea (IMHO) about "good karma" advancing us
along the spiritual path or giving us better future lives is all ego-
motivated. Spiritual progress is the elimination of karma, not
trying to slide along some arbitrary scale of good and evil (both
of which are forever within maya).  In a very real sense, I completely
agree with you, Dorothy, but in another sense (one that I tried to
present above) I do not.  We need to think more about being
like the sun which shines on everyone equally without judgement,
and without seeking reward (nor gaining anything in the process).
The sun shines not to gain progress but only to express itself, which
is quite enough. If we see ourselves as love (a spiritual quality)
then we will help others automatically and spontaneously and
not only seek no gain, but get none (because none is needed).

Jerry S.

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