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Re: "Spirituaal culture" answering some inquiries

Oct 01, 1998 05:28 PM
by Dorothy Lord

Jerry S
Response to statement
2  Still more is to b gaine by a career of duty,
self sacrifice and asssistance to others - treating all  as brothers in
fact and extending benevolence in ones daily life to all
Your reply

this is a tough one. you talk about the absolute importance of
selfishness? and the lack of any reward and then you bring in - to be
gained - I have a real problem with this kind of double talk.
I reply
When one chooses a life of duty- self- sacrificea
and assistance to others,
the motive is the key.
If his act are motivated  by the selfish desire to rack up points, as it
were, he will be sorely dissapointed.
If he detaches himself from the results of his acts, expecting nothing -
the Law of Karmaautomatically advances him along the Path.
This is the GAIN....

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