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Re: George Adamski & Theosophy?

Oct 01, 1998 01:05 PM
by Nicholas Weeks

>Today I got a copy of the tribute issue of "Theosophia", Summer 1981,
>commemorating the life-long outstanding work of Boris de Zirkoff for the
>Cause. I was surprised to find on p. 3 a quotation from a George Adamski
>dated: September, 1953, Star Route, California. Does anybody know if this is
>the author of "Inside The Space Ships", and if so, what are the connections
>to Theosophy?
>Glad to hear from you.

BdZ did correspond with (and meet I think) Adamski.  Adamski had some
sympathy with Alice Bailey's pseudo-theosophy.  Whether he was a member
of the Arcane School or any theosophical group I do not know.

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