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Re: Re: VOICE OF THE SILENCE---The Theosophy Company edition

Sep 20, 1998 09:42 AM
by Alpha (Tony)

>Daniel wrote:
>> > An accurate verbatim reproduction of the Voice is available from
>> > Theosophical University Press, Pasadena, CA.  There are three other
>> > editions of the Voice in print which are superior (IMO) to the > >
Theosophy Company's edition.
>Paul asked:
>> What three editions are these?
>Daniel replies:
>(1) The Second Quest edition of the Voice published by TPH Wheaton,
>Illinois, USA.  This edition includes:
>(a) index
>(b) historical introduction by Boris de Zirkoff
>(c) same pagination as original
>(d) almost verbatim with original


As mentioned before, it is described as "being a facsimile reprint of the
1889 version.  A few typographical errors that might confuse the reader have
been corrected."   On the back cover it is described "A facsimile reprint of
Blavatsky's classic work , this new edition presents the text exactly as
Blavatsky wrote it."
The statements are contradictory.  The changes may be slight?
It is a pity the historical introduction isn't put at the end.

Have not paid much attention to the Theos Co VofS, but see it was checked
out some time ago with a number of changes showing up, so didn't bother to
check it all the way through.  Do prefer the notes in the back, and never
understand why they are put in the body of the text.   Also today, notes are
often put in the back of a book.

The one's recommended are the Aquarian Press facsimile, and the Centenary
one produced by the Canadian Theosophists, the ones who now produce FOHAT.
Both now alas out of print.
Good to know Kessinger has produced a facsimile.

With SD, ISIS, KEY and VOICE OF THE SILENCE, would always recommend the
facsimiles, and where it is possible, to read HPBs writings in the
originals, as they have gone through a massive amount of editing.  The
Theosophy Co (can't explain VofS) & Pasaden would seem to appreciate the
importance of the originals, whereas the editor of the "Collected Writings"
does not, in the sense that he felt it was correct for him to "correct" HPB
and the Mahatmas.  It is a different agenda.

With the Mahatma Letters.  Agreed the 2nd ed is the most true to the
original letters.

To quote from part of Letter XCIII (p.423/424 of said ed.)  This is only a
few lines of a far longer letter.  This is just offered, and you may have
some constuctive comments to add to the discussion.
"The same as to the precipitation by the chela of the transferred thought
upon (or rather, *into*) paper: if the mental picture received be feeble his
visible reproduction of it must correspond.  And the more so in proportion
to the closeness of attention he gives.  He might - were he but merely a
person of the true mediumistic temperament - be employed by his "Master" as
a sort of *psychic printing machine* producing lithographed impressions of
what the operator had in mind; his nerve-system, the machine, his nerve-aura
the printing fluid, the colours drawn from that exhaustless store-house of
pigments (as of everything else) the Akasa.  But the medium and the chela
are diametrically dis-similar and the latter acts consciously, except under
exceptional circumstances during development not necessary to dwell upon here."

Also the "Collected Works" 4 vol. ed. are far more accurate to the originals
than the "Collected Writings."  But some seem to think that the editor of
the "Collected Writings," was more accurate than HPB.  It is something we
all have to work out and decide for ourselves.

Hopefully this makes the situation clear to you of this writer's position on
the matter.

You may have mentioned somewhere that the 2nd ed of "The Voice of the
Silence" was published in 1890?  It was published in 1892 (shortly after
HPBs death), in a different format.  The 2nd ed of the KEY was 1890.

Having been away, and having a heavy work load at the moment, it is
difficult to keep up with this correspondence, and will be unlikely to come
back on it for some while.
As you mention, you prefer to study a facsimile of the SD, at least we can
converge here.  If you like to use the Boris de Z one as well, that is up to
you, and hopefully one day, at least you will be able to understand what
this writer is on about.

Best wishes


>(2)  Kessinger Publications has issued a facsimile reprint of the
>original 1889 edition.
>(3)  H.P.B. Library, Canada has a reprint of the Peking edition of the
>Voice.  Edited by Alice Cleather and Basil Crump.  Pagination the same
>as original.  Cleather and Crump have made corrections but they are
>indicated in an informative addendum. Etc. etc.

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