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Sep 04, 1998 04:06 PM
by Jake Jaqua

Dal comments:

>Suffice it to say that no White Adept is against true occultism.
    I don't think I saw  anything to disaggree with on most your comments,
other, perhaps to add to the above comment  "at the proper time and under the
right circumstances."  Also, it might be remarked that  both White and Black
occultism are "true occultism"  while the latter is of course something to be
against, or avoid.
          -  Also might add that I don't think it is neccessary to "meld" with
other students for a "brotherhood" on a certain level to be effective, but to
merely hold one goal in common, and stick to that goal or principle - such as
study of Blavatsky - oriented Theosophy.
            On will-power and individuality.  It seems to me that those that
make a "god" of their own individuality and will, end by being isolated from
the rest of the world (which is one reason, but not the only for the latter).
The relatively good ones become "Pratyeka buddhas,"  the not-so-good have a
different fate.  I always try to remind myself when getting too ego-maniacal,
that in truth I personally don't matter diddly.

Martin quotes and writes:

>For example the quote from page 477:
>" ... but the occultist, ... declares that the daring explorer, who
>would probe the inmost secrets of Nature, must transcend the narrow
>limitations of sense, and transfer his consciousness into the region of
>noumena, and the sphere of primal causes. To effect this, he must
>develop faculties which are absolutely dormant ... in the constitution
>of the off-shoots of our present Fifth Root-race in Europe and America.
>He can in no other conceivable manner collect the facts on which to base
>his speculation...."

>I think we could do that, with caution,  through visualization or
>meditation on kabalistic diagrams or other means and intuitively
>formulate a vision of Nature.
>I have some experiences in it but again it is only with caution that I
>may speculate.
>Those faculties are probably higher Siddhis.
>Even medidating on the great photographs from the Hubble telescope is a
>source of inspiration. But the key is in "transfer our consciousness
>into the region of noumena..."

>Any opinion?
        It seems to me that this elevation of consciousness is mostly a by-
product of "living the life"  and aspiration, and I wonder about the wisdom of
directly trying to attain it.   Directly trying to attain something is likely
to be polluted with "self-interest"  and thus the lower self, and the higher
states of consciousness are qualities of selflessness, or our nature beyond
the personality.
       Meditating to try to find the truth of ones inner nature - no matter
what it might be (a selfless dedication to an ideal irregardless of personal
benefit, and love of truth more than love of self )- would seem to be heading
in the right direction, instead of following a formula in order to produce
certain preconceived results (which isn't necessarily what you were saying, I
          --  Jake J.

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