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Re: On the Internet and Identities

Aug 29, 1998 06:03 PM
by Maurice de Montaine

Rilke wrote:

> I just learned something that maybe everyone but me knew already - that
> there is an e-mail program that allows one to send e-mails "anonymously."

Actually, it was in the context of a scientific experiment that I responded in
that fashion in respect to a rather put-down feminist e-mail I received from
you. At least I said nothing in my response, anonymous as it was, that
derided, only a sentence about real and genuine philosophy.

And as to the other points in your e-mail, these are but personal opinions
posited as absolute fact. It is easy to call another a coward in public, which
happened to me on TSL/CUT's KOF mailing list, but those who so indulge
in this type of behaviour should get their facts right first. I see humans
haven't grown much.


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