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Re: re High Speed Internet Access

Aug 25, 1998 11:48 PM
by Martin Leiderman

Didn't  you tell me that the books were confiscated at customs, or
something like that.



Rodolfo Don wrote:
> Thank you Dallas,
> I will call THEOSOPHY COMPANY tomorrow and request their catalogs. My
> experience with shipments to Cuba is not positive. I took a duffel bag full
> of books to Cuba, most of them donated by Espaņa Lodge in Los Angeles.
> Those books got to the Cuban Section, because they were part of my luggage
> when I travelled there, but sending them by mail is a different story. Even
> letters sometimes they never get there.
> I'm going to try to send them the books catalog and also I'm going to write
> to the president and see if she feels that the political situation has
> changed to the extent that it would be possible for them to try to get a
> modem and an internet account.
> Thank you for your information.
> Rudy Don
> 757 Welburn Avenue
> Gilroy, CA 95020
> >August 24th 1998
> >
> >Dear Rodolfo:
> >
> >
> >If you can let me have your snail-mail address I can ask the  THEOSOPHY
> >COMPANY to mail you a copy of their catalog of Theosophical books  in
> >Spanish (if you do not already have it).

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