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Aug 20, 1998 01:23 PM
by Kym Smith

Mika wrote:

>Well, that would make sense with that logic. But,what kind of thoughts
>would be our own then?

I think, personally, that that is a very interesting question.  For
example, it  is believed by some that schizophrenics or the mentally ill
are actually receiving or 'channeling' messages from discarnate beings - if
so, is a person REALLY responsible for the crimes they commit?  For if they
had been born with a more 'open line' to this kind of influence, are they,
then indeed, acting on their own?  And, conversely, people who say, like
Mother Theresa, that they themselves do NOTHING, they are only acting under
the "will" of God - in what way are they acting on their own thoughts and

I guess one could say the decision is in the CHOICES people make, whether
to surrender one's will to God or Hitler or chocolate - maybe that is their
own thought, but, still, I fail to see how one could ensure that even our
choices are our own.  And how much choice takes place while we are
incarnate and how much takes place when we are discarnate?  Karma, itself,
suggests to me that there is a lack of free will - especially if one has
already set in motion karmic actions, which, according to some is done
while we were still in the bug stage.

Well, thank you, Mika, for sending my mind on a convoluted and rather
wiggly journey.  I have no idea where I'm going or what point I'm trying to
make.  All I know is if there was only ONE spiritual philosophy, life and
thinking sure would be alot simpler. . .but not as fun.  Darren, pass me
some of that cool gas.


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