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"Conscious II"

Aug 08, 1998 03:52 PM
by Jake Jaqua

>Tony writes:

>>"No conscious sex-action of any kind"?  Why put in
>>Wouldn't an unconscious sex-action be the same?

>>Masters are conscious 24 hours per day?  To what
>>extent would lanoos, or
>>even chelas be tending in this direction?



>         I put in "conscious" to exclude onanism, which
>many think is still "celibacy."  And yes, you're right the
>direction is to being able to control your dreams also.
>        -  Jake J.

            That didn't make a dam bit of sense did it?   I used "no
conscious sex action of any kind" to exclude masturbation, but not to
included wet-dreams (which people generally don't have much control over
until and when they can control their dreams.)    So in other words -
Celibacy is no wacking off, no women (or men in women's case), but don't
worry much about the wet-dreams. Is that plain enough??
                                                         -  Jake J.

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