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Re: Karma, Universal Law and Man made law. []originaly sent 980618]

Jun 30, 1998 08:53 PM
by Jerry Schueler

> Dear Jerry S.
>  In your recent posting you have made similar  references to the man
> made law and natural, universal law that were made earlier this month.

We make both man/woman-made laws and so-called universal laws. Who

> And  as you do not ask questions or make reference to my posting of June
> 18th - "Karma,  Universal Law and Man Made Law."  In that I  tried to
> answer some of  these  points,  I wonder if you have read it.  May I
> request you to go back and read it.  If then there are comments and
> questions, it may be worth responding once again.

Sorry. I missed it.

> Looking for your response,  if needs be I shall repost if you have wiped
> it out.  All the best,  Sophia

Sorry to trouble you, but you need to repost.


Jerry S.

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