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Re: Re: Some intersting quotaions from Original theosophical sources

Jun 29, 1998 06:31 PM
by Rodolfo Don

>W. Dallas TenBroeck <> writes
>>June 29th
>>Dallas offers a few more quotes for consideration:
>>>From HPB on the T S :
>>"...the Theosophical Society...It is a brotherhood of humanity,
>>established to make away with all and every dogmatic religion
>>founded on dead-letter interpretation, and to teach people and
>>every member to believe but in one impersonal God;  to rely upon
>>his (man's) own powers;  to consider himself his only saviour;
>>to learn the infinitude of the occult psychological powers hidden
>>within his own physical man;  to develop these powers;  and to
>>give him the assurance of the immortality of his divine spirit
>>and the survival of his soul;
>That may have been her intention. It hasn't happened, and HPB herself
>has become a source of dead-letter interpretation.

It depends on who does the interpretation.

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