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SUNY Press site

Jun 29, 1998 07:44 AM
by K Paul Johnson

Hey all,

I just learned that the summer-fall catalog of State University
of New York Press is now accessible on the World Wide Web, at; my new book on Cayce is under
"Religious Studies."  The listing gives a fair amount of
description of the book; I think what you see there is the back
cover copy and will be on brochures announcing publication.
Their whole catalog is available on this site, including listings
of my own two previous books with them.  I'm pleased to see
positive reviews of The Masters Revealed quoted at some length.

BTW although ordering info is provided, I would encourage ARE
people to order it through the ARE catalog.  But don't know when it
might appear there.  The book is still 6-8 weeks away from
publication anyhow.


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