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Celibacy, monogamy, and other

Jun 29, 1998 07:26 AM
by K Paul Johnson

Tnanks Annette and others for baring your souls about this issue.
I'm disinclined to follow suit, but have a general observation.
Have devoted fairly lengthy periods of time to celibacy and
monogamy, as well as to what probably should best be called
non-monogamous non-celibacy, henceforth "other."  In my own case,
the "other" phase came first, and seemed to be inaugurated by the
passage of transiting Neptune over the natal Sun.  Transiting
Uranus to natal Sun brought years of celibacy.  Transiting Pluto
to natal Sun coincided with the midpoint of several years of
monogamy.  Post-monogamy, post-celibacy, there are lessons to
learn which I regard as just as "spiritual" as the lessons of
each previous phase.  But I don't think one can generalize about
any of these ways being "higher" than others, as they are highly
individual.  None of us can know for sure that our current
situation won't be succeeded by something radically different.
I do think however, that regardless of what people choose do do with
their genitals, it is better and healthier to have physical intimacy
of some kind in one's life.

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