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Re: Thomas book

Jun 28, 1998 05:44 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>        Yes, I've published "Theosophy Vs. Neo-Theosophy" by Margaret
> Thomas.  It is 178 pages, paperback, with 60 page appendix.  The price
> is $7.00 plus $1.50 book rate post US.   Make Check payable to M.R.
> Jaqua, POB 444, Grand Rapids, Ohio 43522 USA     This edition of the
> Thomas book is from Victor Endersby's "Theosophical Notes."   In the
> appendix is included an article critical of CWL which appeared only in
> the 1st edition of Avalon's "The Serpent Power." (courtesy of R.
> Robb)   I print and bind these myself.  The first one I did in 1990
> was an aesthetic monstrosity.  This one is not too bad.
>                                     -  Jake Jaqua

Thanks for the info. I will purchase a copy. I happen to
have The Serpent Power and pretty much agree with the

Jerry S.

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