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Celibacy & Spiritual Progress?

Jun 27, 1998 09:20 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Dear Pam:

The subject of celibacy has come up from time to time. Traditional view is
that celibacy is an essential part of spiritual progress etc. Krishnaji,
who grew up in the traditional theosophical environment is the first person
to speak against celibacy. So far no one either from within or outside
theosophy groups has challenged his views.

Any one interested is some quotes?


At 06:54 PM 6/27/1998 -0500, you wrote:
>Ok, I flunked the cute monk test.  I also flunked the not-so-cute but
>somewhat witty monk test.
>About six months ago I thought I was on the road to celibacy.  I had begun
>to appreciate the stablization of physical and emotional energies that
>accompany celibacy and seem to "ease" spiritual growth.  Then, whether
>back-sliding or boredom, I put out a call in the astral realm and ended up
>conjuring up a fire elemental (well, if he's not completely a fire
>elemental, he's possessed by one or at least channeling elemental fire
>energy).  Well, eventually I got bored with the excessive fire elemental
>sex games, but rekindled my interest in the left-hand path, P.B. Randolph
>and the like.  I think I might have to wait for menopause before I can
>conquer this one, without just fooling myself.
>Just a word from the lower part of the bell this episode of
>theos-talk True Confessions......
>"Blessed are the cracked, for they shall let in the light..."
>> From: "Dr A M Bain" <>
>> Subject: Re: the cute monk test
>> Date: Saturday, June 27, 1998 5:14 PM
>> libidia <> writes
>> >I meant I have yet to "rise above" the physical in any true sense.
>> >Travelling to the Upperworld, Middleworld and Otherworld to vacation
>> >from the physical doesn't count in my book.
>> Dear Merlin
>> Three Worlds - have you other descriptions for these?
>> >
>> >Oh, and by the by, since accepting the sexless life and being fiercely
>> >loyal to whom I committed (meaning I would not commit adultery), I find
>> >that a spiritual path and great friends to talk to electronically is far
>> >better than sex, and I'm not into competing with you on anything.  What
>> >with Dallas just about masacaring my self concept of my literacy, I
>> >couldn't handle you showing me how far removed I am from the Merlin I
>> >think dwells within me.  Not just yet :)
>> No competition! I voluntary opted for celibacy when I was ordained to
>> the priesthood (which I have long ceased to exercise, except in a
>> "pastoral" manner).  I just got used to it, and got to prefer it!  No big
>> deal.
>> >
>> Alan the Apostate

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