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Re: Fw: No pain, no gain

Jun 26, 1998 07:54 PM
by Jerry Schueler

> "Original Sin" as I understand it was not due nor just.  Our
> Karma, good or bad, is what we set up through our choosing.
I believe that "oiginal sin" refers to the decision made by
each of us to incarnate.

> Now, if you do not think we reincarnate, then indeed we live in a
> very unjust universe.
I don't see where justice and reincarnation have much to do
with each other since we don't remember past lives and since
each incarnation is with a new personality or ego anyway.

> But if you do think that we reincarnate then the "Thread-soul"
> which strings personality after personality on its eternal thread
> as we string days on our passing experience of this life, and
> call the memories of them "how we were when we did  -- this or
> that -- becomes the "carrier" of our past good or ill thoughts
> and deeds.
The "thread-soul", IMHO is far beyond our daily "justice"
as it is beyond the details of any one human life.

> Personally I prefer to live in a just Universe where I am sure of
> my own fate as I am sure that water will wet me tomorrow when I
> shower.
I believe in reincarnation as HPB defines it, but I do not
believe in a "just" universe. Justice is a human concern,
and the universe could care less. Nobody ever said that
life was fair--Carter's claim to immortality.

> I'd like to think that my future is being constructed by me here
> and now, and that in the meantime I have to handle the good or
> ill that I may have done in the past.
I think that to some extent it is, but not entirely. Some
future events are out of our hands, so to speak. But if
your faith in this kind of godly justice (which is shared
by all of the world's religions in some manner) helps you
through the day, then keep with it. Personally I feel sure
that justice is a human concept and only exists in our minds.

Jerry S.

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