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Heart Chakra Meditation

Jun 26, 1998 08:59 PM
by Thomas Browne

Dear W. Dallas TenBroeck
Thanks so much for responding to my email requesting information on the
subject matter.  Your response made me feel personally connected to a larger
platform of people knowledgeable in this field and not cynical or without
subtle understanding and/or experience.  It is interesting that you responded
to Andrew Brown.  My brother and father are both called Andrew and my name is
Thomas.  I don't think there is any significance but, it tickled me.  The
content of your response proved very stimulating to me and I would like to ask
you if you have practised focusing on your heart as in a spiritual meditation?
If so, what was your experience?  What is the difference between the crown and
heart chakras from an experiential point of view?  Anything you have to say on
these matters will be sensitively acknowledged by me.  I look forward to
hearing from you.
Thomas Browne

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