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Re: Evolution "B" - Creationism "F"

Jun 23, 1998 04:28 PM
by Dallas TenBroeck

June 23rd

Dear Kym:

Before supposing any more it might be a good idea to dip into THE
SECRET DOCTRINE.  The question of "god" is discussed from pages
14 to 18  in the 1st volume, and elsewhere ( see the INDEX ) ;
also, on the subject of evolution, which evolution do you mean
physiological, emotional, mental spiritual ?  Each one is
separate, yet interblended in man.  The 2nd volume of the SD
disputes with Darwin rather successfully on the subject of fossil
remains and his theories.  If you wish, look it up and follow the
references from either the Contents or the Index..

Best wishes,        Dallas

> Date: Monday, June 22, 1998 11:20 PM
> From: "Kym Smith" <>
> Subject: Evolution "B" - Creationism "F"

>Darren wrote:
>>Do scientists have a right to demand 'scientific' ideas ?
Evolution is
>>taught but don't we all beleive that Darwinian Evolution is a
flawed theory?
>I do not recall ever hearing in any classroom that Darwinism was
a perfect
>theory - however, I doubt ANY religious doctrine or theory could
stand up
>the the tests and scrutiny Darwin's theories have - and still
remain robust.
>There is abundant empirical evidence regarding Evolution;
>theories, in comparison, lack such tangible tools.
>Someone says "Give me proof of evolution."  Evolutionists could
say "Look at
>viruses - they evolve becoming resistant to antibiotics.  We
have documented
>such evolution on paper and on film for all to see and examine."
>says "Give me proof of God."  Religionists could say "Babble,
burp, and
>beep."  Religions, including Theosophy, have yet to come up with
even a
>semi-uniform 'working hypothesis' regarding who or what "God" is
or is not -
>provided "God" does exist.  And, for those who believe "God"
does not exist,
>just saying "God does not exist" is an oxymoron.
>Where would a school even begin if mandated to teach "God" as a
fact - which
>is required in order to teach Creationism?  Again, whose "God"
did the
>creating?  The favorite seems to be the "God" of the those with
the most
>money or biggest biceps at a particular time in history.

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