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No humans allowed

Jun 23, 1998 01:10 PM
by Brenda S Tucker

You know, Kym, you're smart, but some people are really shy.  Why, my son
is so shy sometimes, it hurts me to watch him. Do you think there could be
shy people right here on the internet and blazing ahead of themselves
courageous new trails into hearts?

>All righty - I'm over it now.  Let's move on, shall we?
>>Well, let's just imagine that someone (even me, perhaps) receives a
>>"Command" from someone (like I like to refer to them) in the next kingdom
>>of nature - an ascended master, one who is as far above my conscious
>>ability as I am above the dinosaur.
>Well now, this would all depend on JUST HOW FAR you are above the
>consciousness of the dinosaur before I could get all goose-bumpy with awe
>over such a "Command."

Well, we would all be about the same distance!

>>would seem like interpreting and translating as many times as there are
>>languages on earth!!!
>So, using your example, the odds are that the "Command" would be so garbled
>due to the huge probability of error in the translation that to heed
>anything from it would be rather goofy, wouldn't you think?

Let's try to understand what the ascended masters are trying to accomplish.
I think I can do this best by studying my decrees.  They contain really
dynamite information and AMs can be very individually oriented and then
suddenly expand until they encompass the national and world scenes. If I
can assist them in generating energy around me in my life and contact with
the world, then I'm glad to do it.  It's just that sometimes we don't see
the "real" purpose behind a command, and so when we try to perform the
action, with the purpose in mind, we may have to make sudden adjustments.
An action done with purpose in mind can contain many alternative routes to
the same goal, so if we fall short accomplishing specically the command we
had in mind, we can still go at the "accomplishing" of the purpose.  We
just return to the positive state of assisting life manifest "glory" and
hopefully a second, third, fourth, etc., chance will come.


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