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Re: No pain, no gain

Jun 22, 1998 04:34 PM
by Chuck Cosimano

In a message dated 98-06-22 16:00:49 EDT, you write:

>Is this Chuck, Charles Cosimano?  Chuck, read my webpage and tell me if you
>still feel the same about what you have just said to me.

It's me!  I'll have to take a look at the page, but I have a feeling my
distrust for such things will remain.

I have this real deep feeling that something out there really doesn't like
humanity and keeps coming up with things for folks to believe in and generally
make life difficult for everyone.  The problem is that feelings and intuitions
are unreliable.  I may be mistaking what you said, and no doubt the stuff on
the web page will help clarify it, but making folks feel they are in touch
with a loving being would seem to be child's play to Mr. Spookapook (as Vonda
Urban so delightfully calls the generic class of astral pranksters).

It isn't love, or the feeling of being loved that is the key to dealing with
such realms.  It is being grounded in knowing yourself and what you are
looking for and then testing what you get by that inner self-awareness.  If it
fits that, then fine, go along and see what happens but be real careful not to
deify this whatever it is.  You have to remember that you are the one in
charge of what you do and you can't just shuffle responsibility off to another
source, no matter how spiritual or advanced it claims to be.  Claims of Divine
Inspiration have this bad history of getting people killed, usually those who
disagree with the inspiration.

I may be totally misreading this whole thing, but the idea of obedience makes
me very nervous.


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