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Re: theos-talk-digest V1 #230

Jun 21, 1998 06:33 PM
by Darren Porter

Your termination of contract is noted. Please settle final bill within 14
days. If this bill is not paid within allotted time your higher principals
will be returned to the source.


A. Scheister
Scheister, Doglikur and Besant
Attorneys at Law

At 04:56 PM 6/21/98 +0100, you wrote:
>All messages from my former Advocate:
>Darren <> who writes
>>The following dialogue never took place and as such should be stricken from
>>the record. My client does not know what he is doing and may plead insanity
>... are hereby null and void and should be ignored.  he is dismissed, and
>will be sent to heaven to be tortured by eternal harping.
>The Horned Beast, Devil, and all other pseudonyms used by you
>pathetic mortals for my Gloriousness. Amen + = 0
>>>>>I deny everything.
>>>>>The Devil.
>>>>As legal representation for Mr. Great Horned Beast (aka
>Beelzebub , Satan George Bush) I request that my client not make any
>public statements.
>>>>The (ex) Devils Advocate
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