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No pain, no gain

Jun 20, 1998 03:38 PM
by Kym Smith

Brenda writes:

>I don't expect everyone to have this
>type of experience because I see it as a result partly of the purification
>of the vehicles, which both theosophy and the I AM Temple recommends, and
>if you haven't done the purifications, how could you be expected to
>participate in the results!?

You're right, I've not done the "purifications."  What are they?  How much
will they cost?  Do they hurt?

>Also "perfectly" obedient doesn't mean listening to every command.  It
>means interpreting, weighing, feeling balanced and at ease with our
>"commands" and making the important ones count.

Now see - look at this.  How is someone supposed to keep track who's talking
about what where when "occultists" take everyday words - the terms we The
Unpurified use - and ascribe all kinds of different, and often unconnected,
definitions to them?

So, thus, thanks to you - when I talk to my creepy neighbor and say "You are
perfectly creepy" I'll have to explain what "perfectly" means because he may
have read your post which defines "perfectly."

Life.  Who knew?

Oh, one more thing: Does the "I AM" organization advocate "packing heat?"


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