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Re: Dal's questions

Jun 20, 1998 07:20 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

June 20th

Dear Alan:

I would say that a "beginning" is always relative, in either time
or space, taking the ultimates (undefinable) as a base, all
"beginnings" are temporal and are correlate to other movables.
Any spot on our Earth is of that nature in terms of the Universe.

But, do not my thoughts as "individual thoughts," have a
beginning, based on the problem or situation that I am looking at
?  In terms of all that precedes or follows they are seen linked
to early ones, and will in turn serve as links later on when we
look back at them in memory.

I just think that the Old Testament b'rasit or berasit ( Theos.
p. 54) seems to have some interesting correlates. Particularly I
like the one that interprets it as "In Wisdom...."


> Date: Friday, June 19, 1998 6:25 PM
> From: "Dr A M Bain" <>
> Subject: Dal's questions

>W. Dallas TenBroeck <> writes
>>My thesis is simple:  Law is everywhere.  Our understanding of
>>grows as we advance in understanding.  so we are eternal
>>Higher degrees are many and not yet fully understandable to us,
>>but as potentials and possibilities, we can theorize many
>>without being absolutely sure.
>There are, IMO and experience, no "higher degrees" - just other
>places.  To give an idea of what I mean here, the opening
chapter of
>Genesis starts with "In the beginning ..."
>Think of the "beginning" as a place, not a moment.
>Brought to you from
> West Cornwall, UK

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