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Tibet, Trees

Jun 19, 1998 06:12 PM
by Jake Jaqua

     Here's a recent newscilipping of continuing oppression
of Tibetan Buddhism by China:
       "China Ruins Temples, Evicts Buddhist Nuns -
Beijing:  Chinese authorities forced Tibetan Buddhist nuns
from a cave sanctuary and wrecked nearby temples to
curb a religious resurgence in Tibet, a monitoring group
reported yesterday.
          "About 50 nuns, their Buddhist lama, and other
followers were expelled from the temples and meditation
caves at Drag Yerpa in April, the London-based Tibet
Information Network said, citing Tibetan sources and
tourists.  The temples were demolished so quickly that the
clerics apparently did not have time to salvage altars."
[The Blade, 6-13-98]
     TREES:   I took a walk among the Sequoias in Ca. a
number of years back and have to admit the "vibes"
weren't what I expected.  It was rather heavy, sodden and
ancient, but not a "good" ancient, but like something of
the past that it was good to progress beyond.  Marvelous
giants!   Pine trees seem to have positive or "sattvic"
vibes.  I notice Morning Doves usually choose them as
nest sites, and they are very "sattvic" birds.
     Happy Solstice and ULT Day,    -   Jake Jaqua

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