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Re: On obey-ing

Jun 19, 1998 12:00 PM
by Govert Schuller

Kym wrote:

>>Mmmmmm.  Somehow, the concept of being "perfectly obedient" doesn't
sound so
>>positive - especially when one doesn't know what "It" is.
>>By the way, I went to your website and, unfortunately, found after
>>it that the "Mighty I Am" theory wasn't any clearer.  Does this have
>>anything to do with that Prophet person?  I read their books CLIMB
>>HIGHEST MOUNTAIN and one other on auras, the title having escaped
me.  Now I
>>hear they are packing heat in some state (Montana?).  No?

Dear Kym,

Thank you for having read the two books you mentioned. Especially
'Climb the Highest Mountain' I consider a theosophical classic, though
many theosophists might disagree. The book was written by Mark and
Elizabeth Clare Prophet and is a condensation of their understanding
of the teachings of the Ascended Masters.

The headquarters of the organization is in Montana. I do not know what
you mean with 'packing heat.' I am from Holland and don't know yet
that expression.

You are welcome to visit their site at
and to visit mine at



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