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On obey-ing

Jun 18, 1998 11:31 PM
by Kym Smith

Brenda wrote:

>A much more positive approach to dealings which we have with our inner
>divine is to say, "Beloved Mighty I Am Presence Make me perfectly obedient
>in all things."

Mmmmmm.  Somehow, the concept of being "perfectly obedient" doesn't sound so
positive - especially when one doesn't know what "It" is.

By the way, I went to your website and, unfortunately, found after reading
it that the "Mighty I Am" theory wasn't any clearer.  Does this have
anything to do with that Prophet person?  I read their books CLIMB THE
HIGHEST MOUNTAIN and one other on auras, the title having escaped me.  Now I
hear they are packing heat in some state (Montana?).  No?


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