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: Conscious/Subconscious/Superconscious

Jun 18, 1998 04:55 PM
by Einar Adalsteinsson

Hi to you all.

I hope I'm not too bold in forwarding a post of mine from another list, but
since it is a reply on my last post (on "veggie karma", which I forwarded
there) it may not be quite out in the blue. One might perhaps use the term
"economy" for this.

A member wrote:
"To me this is a new way to see things, as I always thought of this as being
the higher mind, so never dreamed of putting into the context of below the
surface, or underneath before.
No biggy to many others, but I was thrilled at a new look of an old picture,
and just felt like sharing this with you,,, Its like a realization that
others had already, but Duh, me, just got it today. Yahoo, Laughing, "

It's always good to see a new side of things, to have a new understanding or
Only one has to be always aware that no 'picturing' equals the real thing.
We may use the (mental) model that best fits our understanding, and also
gives the best possible simulation of the reality that we are living inside
and outside. The subconscious model I presented (rather vaguely though) Is
based on the experience that we are 'All One' It has the advantage to 'bring
home' the karmic experience. To me karma is a living thing, a part of me,
not an Alien whim of some karma lords out there. It is an ever ongoing
process, where the delay or time-lag is due to the resistance in the human
psyche to process life in the moment (or EJ's toxic conditioning). We simply
don't want to take or even see our complex escape routes from what is.
So, instead of blaming karma on everything and everyone except ourselves we
should see that it all stems from within, from our yet unconscious (or
rather "hidden") True Self.

The model of the unconscious that I use stems from the Italian Psychologist
Assagioli, which I think was a student of Freud and co-student  of Jung.
It says in simple terms that the awake state (or conscious state) is like a
circle or a plate on a sheet of paper surrounded by a larger circle which
represents the unconscious part of the individual consciousness. Further out
there is the ocean of universal consciousness with its countless individual
conscious entities flowing around.
At night, when we sleep there is no inner conscious circle and hence no
rational thinking. In the morning when we wake up it opens up again,
representing everything there is to be experienced in the entire universe.
If we look at the sunconscious realm we can devide it up in two parts the
subconscious and the super-conscious. The subconscious includes all the
habits, subconscious memories, phobias and manias of the individual and is
constantly (and mostly unconsciously) influencing the conscious part of the
psyche. It is located just outside the circle of awareness and tends to
totally lock out the influence of the higher constitution, which is located
(in the model) near the outer circle and in fact in perfect atonement with
the universal mind.

Ordinary dreams - the irrational movie-like nonsense - stem from the
subconscious part. The wise, symbolic dreams are really messages that stem
from the deeper layers of the super-conscious. They are symbolic because
that is the inherent language of the subconscious realms. True Insights are
also from that super-level  and Mystical experience occurs when there is a
total breakthrough of that super-consciousness  into the conscious, totally
bypassing the dark filter of the subconscious.

So, our task is to first remove the grossest of the content of the
subconscious (working with karma and toxic conditioning) and bringing about
a bridge to the super-conscious, a work that is religious/spiritual in its
nature. When that bridge is firmly established (through mystical experience)
the real work begins by slowly transforming the entire human constitution,
including the gross body with its brain. That process is called the yoga of
transformation or kundalini yoga.

This is the model - or a gross picture of it - but please note that THIS IS
ONLY A MODEL - one of many very different models in the spiritual arena.
Please note also that no model even resembles the true thing - 'what is'.
Models are only crutches for our rational mind - they have all to be
ultimately abandoned, together with the rational mind.

"Mind is the great slayer of the Real.
Let the disciple slay the slayer"

Love and light
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