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Re: Internet & Theosophy

Jun 14, 1998 05:52 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

June 14th 1998

Dear Lmhem:

We both of us knew Mr. Wadia very well.  For many years we lived
in the same large home (Aryasangha) where he occupied the upper
floor.  He knew me almost since my birth.  He was then in Los
Angeles (1922) and our family went to New York when he moved
there and opened the New York Lodge of the ULT (1925 -- of course
I was only a baby then).  In 1927 our family went to India,
Bombay, and there the ULT was opened in 1929.  If you are
interested in his life and work there is a "Bio-Note" which I can
send you, if you desire.  But it is quite long and I wonder if
you would like "hard copy" or should I try sending it direct to
you by E-mail ?  [ This is also available to others in our talk
group if they are interested. ]

My sister Sophia was born in Bombay in 1929 and has lived in
Bangalore (where there is a ULT Lodge) about 250 miles from
Madras in south India.  My mother and she started the East-West
School.  It has had an enrolment of over 700 pupils (Montessori
to High School graduation classes) and is one of the best in that

Best wishes,        Dallas

> Date: Saturday, June 13, 1998 10:36 PM
> From: "Marshall Hemingway III" <>
> Subject: Internet & Theosophy

>In a message dated 98-06-13 18:51:04 EDT, you write:
><< Sophia  is 69 and my brother Dallas is 76.  We are old
fogies!  Right?
>  The soul is not of the age of the body, you must look for
>  criteria. >>
>Did either of you know B. P. Wadia? Even though the ULT doesn't
place emphasis
>on personalities, I understand that Mr. Wadia was the shining
light of the
>Bombay Lodge and that he attracted many to theosophy through the
force of his
>character, charisma and oratorical skills. Attendence, I
understand, was at
>its height during his lifetime.

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