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Jun 13, 1998 11:53 PM
by Thoa Thi-Kim Tran

Dear Dallas:

>Thanks for what you say I have been "out of order," and will try
>to recalibrate.  Your friendly touch is healing, and appreciated.
>Are we not all under some stress or other -- I know I am, so
>thank you-all for "bearing" with me.

Theosophists under pressure, unite!

>Yes I have been anxious to show how unifying Theosophy can be for
>all of us.

I know that your purpose is good.  Your actions indicate that you care
about others and about Theosophy.  I know it's not easy for you to spend
time reading,  sharing your notes, typing and analyzing with fellow
questioners.  I often need to take a breather from contributing to the
lists in order to get some reading done.  Otherwise, I would stop learning
but continue to communicate my ignorance.  Of course, you at 76 have tons
of reading and experience behind you and can whip them out on the keyboard.
However, no matter how much we know, it is good to see what the other
person needs.  You can have years of experience, think that the answer is
very clear, and try to apply the answer.  What will happen is that the
Cosmic joker will teach you a lesson for your arrogance of thinking you
know, of figuring it all out in your head, of not continuing to look at
what is in front of you.  Because what is in front of you will continually
change and escape you if you do not remain aware.  I believe part of the
process is to remain connected, and that means to each other, that means
trying to understand what other people are thinking and feeling, that means
affirming them.  We are fractured, we push people away, and we scare them
because we fail to affirm them.  I believe that all this "decadence" that
you see is the karmic result of people not being affirmed.  That is why we
have the various political revolutions, that is why we have the 60's
revolution, that is why we have lack of respect and spirituality, and that
is why we won't stand for tradition.

>Best wishes as always,        Dallas

Kudos to you!  Pretty cool cyber 76.  Your sister Sophia and you have lots
to offer because of your knowledge and experience.  However, it's difficult
to listen if the tone is of preaching.  I also think that others should
stop telling you to stop using HPB quotes.  Then again, it could also be a
reaction to you telling them to stick to Theosophical quotes.  People
should write whatever they please as long as it's not hurting anyone else.

Best wishes and thank you for listening.

Thoa :o)

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