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Re: To All A Good Night

Jun 13, 1998 06:24 AM
by Marshall Hemingway III

In a message dated 98-06-13 08:46:15 EDT, Darren writes:

<< Apple users, 99% pentium users and most other post 1993-4 machines will be
 fine. If you have a PC that is not in this category you will still be fine in
terms of Hard Drives etc, the problem will be with applications like Excel
that refer to date/time. >>

You confirmed what I suspected - not PCs, but only large main frames (like at
airports, banks, stock exchanges, etc.) will be affected (unless fixed in
time). PBS News Hour had a segment last night (6/12) on the Millenium Bug.
It's not as serious as some think, according to a few pundits.


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