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Re: Paradoxes

Jun 13, 1998 09:30 AM
by Mark Kusek

Sophia TenBroeck wrote:
> Paradoxes have sometimes been termed, chaos to the senses (lower bodily
> reason centered mind), but cosmos to the mind (intellection centered in
> the higher, Buddhis-Manas).  The paradox awakens intuition.  Paradoxes
> and Poetry are used in mystical training of students.
> Look at the titles of HPB's books "Isis Unveiled"-Isis the goddess of
> secret wisdom-, "The Secret Doctrine"-when revealed is no longer secret,
> and especially "The Voice of the Silence."

Perhaps I misunderstand, but if you are saying that Life's secret
mystery has been completely revealed, unveiled, shown, known, etc., by
these books ... you are fooling yourself. This knowledge, as intricate
and complex as our minds love to assume it to be, is as partial as a
half eaten Oreo, and always will be. The Tao that can be told is not the
eternal Tao.

I know nothing. Knowledge obscures the Truth. It is a bias no matter how
else you qualify it. Truth is always beyond knowledge. I know nothing at
all. The fools will scratch their heads at my admission, but the wise
will understand. Those who think themselves wise will gloat, but they
too will be in error.  "Beyond, beyond, gone beyond."

No one in particular.
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