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Future Vegetarians/genetic engineering

Jun 12, 1998 04:04 PM
by Thoa Thi-Kim Tran

>Does the person in need of organs have 20 years to wait while a vegetative
>infant lies prone - not moving of its own accord, unconscious and requiring
>manipulation to prevent atrophy?  And would the organs be healthy?

In the brave new world of genetic engineering, the process of cloning would
start when the person is still a child.  Everyone rich enough would have a
clone kept for him/her in an institution.  If it's a lucrative business,
perhaps they would develop a system by which the body is mechanically
monitored, maintained, exercised and fed.  Since nutrition is controlled,
the organs might be healthier than in a conscious person who eats at
McDonald's every day and smokes.  With the general fear of death, and
human's tendency to be numb to any idea once it becomes the norm, this is a
possibility.  In fact, a possible business would be someone buying cloning
rights and cells from people, having a storage house of different
categories of clones, and then selling individual organs to people who
can't afford their own clones.  Creepy.

Thoa :o)

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